Bitcoin is the new method

Bitcoin codes and many other digital currencies buy with Sofortuberweisung in only 3 steps :

Bitcoin codes are long gone reserved for nerds and geeks. Since early 2012, the Bitcoin code price goes up steadily on and the Bitcoin code is increasingly more acceptance. Both among consumers and the trade.

Why a broker such as Bitcoin code AnycoinDirect?

  • Fast purchase and sales process within a few minutes
  • Fast Quick registration and immediately available trading volume
  • Wide range of digital currencies
    • Bitcoin code
    • Ethereum
    • Ethereum Classic
    • Litecoin
    • Currency
    • Dash
    • and much more.
  • Quick payment options, including NOW, GiroPay and PayPal
  • German-language support

What is needed?

  1. A brokerage account
  2. A Bitcoin code Wallet ( online , mobile , desktop – or hardware Wallet *)
  3. A bank account

Bitcoin codes buy with Sofortuberweisung

One way Bitcoin code to buy quickly and easily or sell offers brokerage services AnycoinDirect.

Here, the user can begin after a brief registration simultaneously with the purchase or sale of the digital currency Bitcoin code, Litecoin ether & Co.. The special feature of AnycoinDirect the purchase of digital currencies by Sofortuberweisung . The platform promises a delivery of Bitcoin codes directly you can find their review on this page after receipt of payment, so in just a few minutes.

Tests by the BTC ECHO editors have resulted in a purchase of less than 10 minutes!

Step 1) Quick registration on AnycoinDirect

Registration is meaningful and protects consumers as well as the dealer. Therefore, the broker service Quick registration for decided. Any serious market should offer such a process.

By clicking on „Register“ take the user directly to the input screen for the first quick registration. Here is the e-mail address, first name, name and address data are recorded.

Shortly thereafter, the user will receive an email with a unique token (key). This you give a please in the picture. By clicking on „Activate“ you come then already activated the account:

Congratulations, your account has now been with the Level 1 activated.

maximum amounts

For your own safety and the safety of customers, the provider has developed a sophisticated method for verification and to increase the maximum amounts.

With the sole quick registration of users Bitcoin codes Litecoins, ethers coins etc. can accommodate up to 100 euros per day, or 250 euros per week buy ( Level 1 ):

With the payment method Sofortuberweisung  you can onlinebetrug in english in the first level buy Bitcoin codes . Level 2 (400 euros per day) automatically reaches its 7 days after the first successful transaction. In order to pay for example with SCT on the broker side, you have to let you initially enable the 5.1 level. This is quite fixed by you doing a selfie with your ID card and let come via chat function AnycoinDirect. Generally it is advisable, this type of verification to increase the maximum buy or sell amount:

With the 5.1 level you can not only SEPA functional use – now can you buy or sell a day and digital currency worth 15,000 euros. After the first successful transaction you come automatically to the Level 5.2

Setting Step 2) Bitcoin code Wallet

In order to receive or send Bitcoin codes, each user needs a digital wallet – a so-called Bitcoin code Wallet.

There are various types of wallets. Depending on whether his wallet on the mobile phone (eg Jaxx -Wallet ), online (eg ) on the computer ( Bitcoin code-core ) or in a hardware-wallet (eg Ledger Wallet will manage).

The differences, advantages and disadvantages we have in one tutorial explains in more detail.

Step 3) purchase with instant Transfer

After successful login to AnycoinDirect buying Bitcoin code immediate transfer can even begin.

For this you give to the purchase entry screen only the desired number of coins or the amount of the buy her a Bitcoin code want. The conversion is done automatically. After that you choose the payment method „immediate“ and give a valid Bitcoin code address. For this you need a pre Bitcoin code Wallet. A tutorial for creating a Wallets be found here (online Wallet, Wallet hardware or desktop Wallet).

Do not worry when entering the Bitcoin code address entry – should an invalid address enter their will directly inform you about the system:

After you have all the fields to purchase successfully filled and have set a hook for user acceptance conditions, you can purchase by clicking „Buy“ to complete. To this end, you come directly to the secure input mask to perform an immediate transfer.

Congratulations on the broker the Bitcoin codes just purchased is trasnferieren to the previously mentioned Bitcoin code Wallet directly after payment.